Friday, August 16, 2013

Clubs visit to Lions Club Georgetown Anniversary

Club Visit to Lions Club of Georgetown Anniversaries. 

Representative from Lions Club of Penang Island New Century : President Benson Ooi, Past President Kelvin Lor, Past President Loo Tee Peng, Past President William Hoe, Secretary Shirlyn Oh. 

 Left: Region 1 Chairperson Dato' Yeoh Mor Chai, VDG Ooi Chao Shyuan, PDG Dato' Khoo Kay Huat, DG Lee Boon Hoe. 

 Congratulation President Jimmy and his BOD.

 Taking Pic together with Honorary Guest DG Lee Boon Hoe
Pic from Left : DC Jenifer Kim , PP William Hoe, PP Loo Tee Peng, Cab Tre. Lim Beng Keong, DG Lee Boon Hoe, President Benson Ooi and Cab Sec. Dauglas Oh.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clubs Joint Charity Project to Pantai Home

Jointly Organized by Lions Club of Penang Island New Century and FB Entertainment Sdn Bhd.

Guest of Honor : District Governor Lion Lee Boon Hoe

Organizing Chairperson: Past President Don Hoe.
Sister Club Members : Lion President Hadi Rusmin and Family.
Lions Club Members : President Benson Ooi, Secretary Shirlyn Oh, Treasurer Ong Lai Peng, 1st VP Melissa Goh, 2nd VP Carrick Tan, Past President Don Hoe, Past President William Hoe, Past President Loo Tee Peng, Membership Director Oliver, Lion Beh.

 Speach By GOH District Gorvenor Lion Lee Boon Hoe

 Speach by OC Lion Don Hoe

DG Lion Lee Boon Hoe giving appreciation benerate to President Benson Ooi and Person incharge for Pantai Homes. 

  Presenting Flowers to elders showing our loves to them.
 Distributing foods to elders with help by DG Lee Boon Hoe

 Although DG Lee Boon Hoe have pack schedule , he also came to support us and giving Ang Pao to the elders.

 All Club members are help out to distribute foods and giving ang pao and flowers to the elders.

 DG Lee Boon Hoe listen to the Volunteers of the homes, explanation how they run the homes and each elders condition there.

 Lions Clubs Members and FBe Staffs Performing Songs to entertain the elders and Also we Celebrates Birthday Months with the Elders.

 Hand over Foods and Daily uses to the Pantai Homes Person Incharge.

Sister Clubs Lions with family came to support our projects.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Club Visit Lions Club of Georgetown Central Anniversaries.

Visit Lions Club of Georgetown Central Anniversaries @ City Bayview Hotel.

Representative : President Benson Ooi , Secretary Shirlyn Oh, Past President William Hoe and Past President Kelvin Lor.

 Group photo with District Governor Lion Lee Boon Hoe
 From L to R: Lion Stevent Oh, PP William Hoe, President Benson Ooi, Lion Jamez, Lion Jimmy, Sec. Shirlyn Oh.

 From L to R: PP William Hoe, Leo Nick, Sec. Shirlyn oh, President Benson Ooi
 Form L toR : Leo Nick, ZC Mark, Sec Shirlyn, President Benson Ooi
 PDG Hudson Hah, Lion Ohnie, Lion Jamez, Sec Shirlyn, President Benson, Lion Jimmy
 1st Vice Distict Gorvernor Ooi Chao Shyuan

 President Benson Ooi, PP William Hoe with Zone Chairperson Betty 
 RCC Henry Oh, PP William Hoe
 From L to R: PP William Hoe, PDG Philip Ooi, President Benson Ooi
 PP William Hoe, Preisident Benson Ooi, PDG Choong Kwai Loy, Sec Shirlyn Oh

Group Photo with IPDG Tan Swee Kok and Lions from Sabah, Sarawaks and the Hosting Clubs Members. Cab. Treasurer Lion BK Lim sponsor the fellowship.