Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home

13th Nov 2010
At Shan Children's Home
This Project Jointly Organised by New Century Lions Club of Penang Island , Leo Club of Penang (City) and Lions Club of Tawau Cosmo (Sabah)

Also Cross District Project
District 308 B2 & 308 A2

Enjoy our Activities Video ( Lions and Leos in Action )
Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home
We all arrive in 11am and start work to decorate the Homes with balloons, some of us packing up goodies bags and Food donations. You can see beside Lions and Leos in action we also have some Lions friends volunteer came to help the meaningful projects.
Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home1
Our Guest of Honor for today joint Project is YB Lion Koay Teng Hai, Special Guest VDG 1 Lion Shawn Lee, Special Guest VDG 2 Lion Tan Swee Kok, Presiding Officer President Kelvin Lor, ZC Alan Cheah, RCC Ong LP, OC Lion Melissa Goh, Co-OC Lion Anges( LC Tawau ), Co-OC Leo Teoh Him Keat, President Lion Tan ( LC Tawau ) and all Lions Members from ( LC Tawau and NCLC Penang Island ) and Leo Club Members ( Penang City )
Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home2
From Top : President Tan (LC Tawau) presenting Bennerrates and Club Pins to YB Lion Koay Teng Hai, VDG Tan Swee Kok, Leo Teoh Him Keat and Home incharge.
From Middle : President Kelvin Lor exchange Bennerates with Co-OC Lion Anges. President Kelvin Lor presenting Souvenir to YB Lion Koay Teng Hai. Co-OC Lion Anges presenting Club Pins to Leo.
Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home3
Groups Photos and Donations Foods to the Homes. This project is not only celebrate the Deepavali to the children home to bring Joys to them and it also to full fill the Aid the Hungers for the Lions International Calender Months Activities.
Deepavali Celebration at Shan Children's Home4
We do a lot of programme for the Children at that day, we do have organize and playing games with them together, having buffet lunch together. Celebrate Birthday of the Month with the children and sing birthdays Song together. The wonderful thing is The children Sing the Thank You song with 5 differences languages and all lions and leos do appreciated their creative song to bring the smile for us. our programme end in 4pm

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blood Donation & Mass CPR Campaign

7th Nov 2010
Blood Donation by Penang General Hospital, Organ Donation & Transplant Counter, Mass CPR learning for publics, Free Health Screening & Diet Counselling
Co.Organized by New Century Lions Club of Penang Island

Our Joint project Blood Donation and Mass CPR statistic Result:
56 People Register Organ Donor
118 Pints Blood Donated.
131 Public Have been Train In CPR with New CPR Guide Line.
245 Public Participate on Health Screening and Diet Consultation.

Please Enjoy our Project Videos.

Blood Donation & CPR
It a over welming events and also a Susceessful Project. Early in the morning Section start from 10am already alot of public queing up to resgister for blood donation and also health checking.
Blood Donation & CPR1
Opening Ceremony was conducted in 2pm and Guest of honor is YB 黄泉益 ADUN Komtar and accompany by All VIP's SJAM Penang State Duputy Commander Mr Teh Kwan Liek, SJAM NE Area Commander Mr Lee JG, SJAM MCAD VP Dato' Khoo KH, NCPI President Lion Kelvin Lor, Co-OC Lion William Hoe, 308B2 VDG Tan SK, D308B2 Cab Sec. Lee Boon Hoe, RC Jame Ong, ZC Lion Alan Cheah, RCC Ong Lai Peng, and all New Century Lions Club BOD and Members.
Blood Donation & CPR2
Mass CPR Section for Leo and Lions. All Leos and Lions happily receiving their CPR Certified Cards after the 30 Mins Training. Is a great Project and also a first time to train Lions and Leos in Region 1 for the New CPR Guideline introduce in 18 Oct 2010. Our Club also Planning to Train More Leos and Lions for this New CPR Guideline in future which is good for their knowledge and also can help those in need.
Blood Donation & CPR3
All Leos so existing to participate instead the Mass CPR section and also the Choking for adult and infant as well.
Blood Donation & CPR4
MASS CPR Section training for Publics and Leos and Lions.
Blood Donation & CPR5
Our Club Asst Sec. Lion Melissa Goh and Lion Benson Ooi also taking part the CPR Training.
Blood Donation & CPR6
Local Press do publish our events in the New Papers. Certified CPR card given to the Participants who completed the training.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Charter Banquet of Lions Club of Penang Centennial

20th October 2010
Everyday Supreme Restaurant, 1st Floor, Red Rock Hotel

Charter banquet of Lions Club of Penang Centennial
Club President Kelvin Lor Lead the team of 4 to participate and witness the Charter Night of Lions Club of Centennial. PID Ellis, DG Hadsun Hah, IPDG Choong KL and PDG Dato' Khoo also invited to witness the meaningful Events.
Charter banquet of Lions Club of Penang Centennial1
Charter President Teng ET give us a warm welcome to witness this Meaningful event. Our Club attended by President Kelvin Lor, Treasurer Don Hoe, Lion Edmund and RCC Ong Lai Peng